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We start each season in September, after the labour day weekend. The 2022/2023 Season starts on September 6, 2022 and ends on June 17, 2023. Our Year end show is on Sept 20, 2023

Our Year End Show is performed at The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Our entire studio performs in the show and all students together, Competitive and Recreational, get to be a part of our exciting Finale!

For our Primary and Junior Recreational classes, there is one teacher and two assistants per class. Assistants in the classroom give students clear demonstrations of what the teacher expects them to work toward. It also provides them with familiarity and comfort during their class time.

Assistants are present on stage at the year end show with the younger dancers aged two to five years old to help them remember their choreography without looking out into the wings. This has been proven to be very effective and dancers feel more confidant while on stage.


Parents are asked to drop their dancers off in the lobby. Our teachers and assistants will bring them back into the classroom and assist them with putting on their dance shoes. Parents are not allowed to come into the classroom with their dancers as it is very distracting to the teacher and the other children in the classroom. Children also tend to focus on their parent and not the teacher. This prevents them from learning and developing independently in the classroom. Parents are invited into the classroom to view their dancer’s progress in December, before the Christmas break. 

We welcome dancers as young as 2 1/2 years old. They must be able to take a class independently as parents will not be with them in class. 

Mini classes are either 45 min or 1 hour long, depending on the class. Junior & Teen classes are all 1 hour in length. Advanced Ballet classes are 75-90 min long. 

Our teachers are very approachable and you are always welcome to ask any questions you may have. You will be updated on your child’s progress throughout the year and recommendations may be made for additional classes.

Our competitive teams range from Mini & Junior Part-time to Intermediate & Senior Full-time teams. Throughout the season, teachers may make recommendations when they feel a dancer is ready to start training at a competitive level. Parents will then be notified and they can make the decision if they are ready to commit to the team. 

Our part-time dancers will train for four-six hours per week. Minis must take one ballet class, Jazz, Acro and Tap. Juniors must take 2 exam ballet classes, technique, jazz, acro, tap and Hip Hop. Full-time competitive dancers will train three days per week and a total of up to ten hours per week. The full-time competitive team dancers must take two Exam Ballet classes per week. They also train in jazz, acro, tap, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, technique jumps/turns and conditioning.  

Junior and Inter/Senior teams compete in four competitions and attend two workshops per season. Mini part-time competitive team will compete in two competitions. All competitive teams must attend summer training. 

For their safety and professionalism, all dancers should attend their classes wearing proper dance attire/shoes and with hair pulled back neat and tidy and off their face. For ballet, hair must always be pulled back into a bun. Exceptions can be made for braided hair. Please see our dress code page for full details.

We’re located in Mississauga, Ontario. The closest intersection being Hurontario St. and Matheson Blvd, just south of the 401.

Our address is 165 Matheson Blvd E Unit 10.

At RDC we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our dance teachers are fully trained and certified in multiple disciplines. Our Acro instructors are Acrobatic Arts and BATD (Acro) certified with over 12 years experience teaching acro to all ages and levels. Certified Acrobatic instructors will teach your child proper warm up, technique and proper execution of tricks. Without a certified acro instructor it could be very unsafe for your child.

Our Ballet Instructors are certified in R.A.D and are fully qualified to enter the dancers into their exams which will help them progress and work toward the next level. We are happy to share our Teacher’s Bios on our Faculty Page.

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