Our recreational dance programs start as young as 2.5 years and goes all the way up to 18 years of age. We offer a variety of dance styles to suit each individual and our programs welcome all levels and abilities. Each dancer is provided quality training and dance education. Classes are lead by highly dedicated instructors. All dancers will participate in our Year End show located at Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.


The introductory level program is designed specifically to introduce young children ages 2.5-4 years to dance. This class puts focus on creative movement, with an emphasis on the basic fundamentals of ballet. Dancers learn warm ups, musicality and the basic, interactive fundamentals of dance, in a fun, age appropriate atmosphere that prepares them for the stage.


This is an introductory level dance program designed for children ages 4-6 years. Dancers are introduced to different styles in weekly classes that have a strong focus on warm ups, progression exercises and fun, interactive dance training. Mini level dance is offered in Ballet/Tap Combo Class, Pre-Primary Level Ballet,  Jazz, Acro, Tap and Hip Hop.


Where dance is taken up a level. Junior level classes are for dancers ages 7-11 and have a strong focus on warm ups, progression exercises across the floor and combinations. They are challenged musically and there is a level of concentration on strength and flexibility training. Junior level classes are offered in Jazz, Acro, Tap, Ballet, Hip-hop, Lyrical and Conditioning.


Teen level classes are designed for dancers ages 12-18. These classes have a strong emphasis on technical aspects of dance, working more extensively, with a strong focus on technique, style and performance to further all of their dance training. Teen classes are offered in Jazz, Acro, Tap, Ballet, Hip-hop, Lyrical and Conditioning. Our teen classes have been known to build great friendships and build the confidence in young adolescents. 


Take a look at the different styles of recreational dance that are available

The rooted foundation of most dance styles. Graded ballet classes will learn a syllabus focusing on barre work, centre practice, allegro, adage and pointe work. Qualified students are entered into graded R.A.D. examinations as well as the new Discovering Repertoire practices.

A classic form of dance focusing on technique and style. Jazz classes consist of warm-ups, progression steps and movement across the floor as well as combinations.

A form of dance where emphasis is put on using the sound of the feet as percussion. A great class for focusing on quality tap sounds, style and musicality. Tap classes involve warm-ups, progressive steps, musicality training and combinations.

A combination of dance, acrobatic, and gymnastic elements. Classes consist of extensive warm-ups, flexibility training, balances, tricks and tumbling. Beginner dancers will also be required to take a jazz class to help with the dance aspect of the routines.

A combination of jazz, ballet and modern dance. Classes focus on technical aspects as well as the ability to truly feel the music being danced to and the importance of emotional delivery through the art of dance. Lyrical/contemporary classes consist of warm-ups, movement across the floor, combinations and improvisation. Beginners would benefit from also enrolling in a ballet or jazz class. 

Derived from street dance, freestyle and jazz, hip hop classes are fun and energetic, they consist of fitness style warm-ups, progression steps in the centre and across the floor, combinations and a strong emphasis on rhythm and style

A fun and interactive class that helps to build strength and endurance and improves the students’ fitness and knowledge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.