Studio Picture Day

Our studio picture day will take place on Sunday June, 4th 2023 from 10:00am-5:00pm.

Students will dress up in their recital costumes including all hair accessories and jewelry, one for each class they are in. They will also have full hair and makeup and you will be given instructions from their teacher for how this should be done. Each family will have their own password to access their digital photos, and share with family and friends any time! For those who were set up last season, your photos will be uploaded to the same link. Instructions on how to access the link will be sent out in June.

Digital Packages are as follows:

  • $30 – First Class (1 Group & 1 Individual Pose)
  • $25 – For each additional Group, Duet or Trio (1 Group & 1 Individual Pose)
  • $15 – For each Solo (One Pose)

Our photographer will be offering prints this season in addition to the digital links.

For dancers in more than five routines, and also purchasing prints for each group, you will pay a maximum of $140 for your digital link which will include unlimited classes and individual photos plus all solos, duets and trios. (Savings of over $100)

For anyone interested in adding prints, below are the photo packages being offered as printable hard copies. You are welcome to select as many or as few packages and combos of packages as you would like. “Package A” will only contain photos from one class. All photos will have a glossy finish.

  • $12- Package A – One Group Photo 8×10 & 1 Individual Photo 4×6
  • $7- Package B – One Individual Photo 4×6
  • $7-Package C- One Group Photo 8×10

Fees will be uploaded to the parent portal by March 10th. Please fill in both sections of the form below, even if you have already submitted a paper copy.


Digital Packages

1 Group & 1 Individual Pose

Print Packages

  • Package A: One Group Photo 8" × 10" & 1 Individual Photo 4" × 6"
  • Package B: One Individual Photo 4" ×6"
  • Package C: One Group Photo 8 "× 10"