Minou Hendrikx


Minou Hendrikx has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ryerson University where she trained with instructors such as Nadia Potts, Flora Lojekova, Karen DuPlessis, Vicky St. Denys, Stelio Calagias, Maureen Consolati, Audrey Looker and Malcolm Gayle.

Ms. Hendrikx is a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) where she also received her Teaching Diploma. Minou received her teaching certificates for Ballet and Stage from the British Association Teachers of Dancing (BATD). Minou has also passed her Advanced Ballet exams from the Imperial Society of Dance (ISTD), BATD and RAD.

Ms. Hendrikx is a well-travelled dancer having competed and performed throughout Canada, United States, England, Scotland and Wales. She was also a guest artist for the Windsor City Ballet and Miss Dance of Canada 1990. After a successful professional and competitive career, Minou turned her attention to training future dancers and has been teaching for over 30 years. Minou’s students have been very successful in all of their graded ballet exams ranging from Primary to Grade 8 and Vocational exams from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2. Apart from exam work and year-end recitals, her students have competed locally and nationally receiving top awards and many of her students have established themselves in the dance industry.

Minou dedicates herself to the next generation of dancers by passing on her experiences and knowledge.

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